The Concept

Maybe it was Ramses II who was the first customizer.  After all, didn’t he jazz up his chariots with gold leaf ? Oh, and those blades on the hubs?  Maybe it was Marie Antoinette who decided her horses needed a little more bling to make them go faster.  Or maybe it was the guy who bought one of Henry’s T’s and decided he needed to run a pinstripe on the fenders.  Or maybe it was Big Daddy Roth who decided he could design an entire car like The Outlaw.

Wherever, it started, custom vehicles have been around since the first wheel was made.  And it’s huge today encompassing suspension, steering, power sources, fiberglass, metal work, plastic, glass, custom painting … and a wack more stuff that most people don’t even see.  And it’s influencing even the hip culture today.  Heard of Tattoos? Flames?

This series will take a number of the skills and examine a little of their development in history and what’s happening today.

The Guy out front: Mitch Peacock of Jus Cuz Customs, one of the finest custom painters in North America with 20 some years experience.  Yeah, that’s him in the promo for the pilot.  Cleans up good, eh?

And we’re going to find the experts, the guys that were there, the chicks that helped make it happen … and maybe even touch a little on Ink and clothes and music.  Ah, we see a rock a’ billy and surf series of tracks.