Pilot: Episode One. “Divco Rebirth”  So, you’re walking around the local bone-yard looking for your next project.  It’s bulbous, odd, and … it’s a DIVCO milk truck. A 1954 Model 13 to be specific.  Imagine it with air suspension, blown small block, tubbed rear wells … and custom paint inside and out.  And then imagine it at SEMA tagged by some of the best custom painters in the world.  Yeah, that’s “Divco Rebirth.”  The Divco will be the base vehicle for the series.

Episode Two:  Where’s it all start?  Even the chariots started with the frame.  Then you gotta figure out how it’s going to steer, go up and down, what’s getting the power to the wheels, what’s going to stop it.  Yep, that’s where we’re going to start by looking at three different platforms by three different builders, all with their unique look at customizing.  Lowriders, classic Duece frame, Divco Custom.

Episode Three: And then there was Bondo! It revolutionized customizing but there still needs to be something underneath it.  Let’s take a peak at the art of hammering, beading, planishing, patterns, shrinking, stretching, frenching.  We can’t cover it all, but we can give the viewer more than they’ve seen before.  This is an art form in its own right.  And our base vehicle Divco will need lots of it.

Episode Four:  Lead, Bondo, fiberglass, plastic filler, forming.  Now where did all of this start. We’re take in some of the post WWII rides and see how they’ve transformed the art and where the shaping materials are taking us.

Episode Five:  Ah, the power plant.  Everybody loves a good burn out but when did we start wanting more speed out of our motors? Oh, yeah, Marie again … or maybe that cave guy to put lightening holes in his stone wheel.  We’re going to look at when we started wanting more horsepower and where we are now.  EFI, solid state, blowers, and why?  What’s wrong with a Flattie?  Everyone loves a Flattie.  Vic, Vic Edelbrock anyone?

Episode Six:  And then there were … classic rods, kit cars, Low Riders, Tuners, Collector Cars, Muscle Cars, Brass Era … there’s dozens of categories, and every one of them is touched by the word “custom”, be it a hand made fender for a 1938 Mercedes or an authentic paint job for a 1958 Buick, or shaving six inches for a Low Rider, or tinting out a Tuner.  This is the potpourri discussion about customization … what is it, what drives it, where’s it going.  And the unveiling of Divco.

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